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    Valerie Hyerman

    Valerie Hyerman is a young creative genius who may or may not have died before her time. Her work as an artist and her beliefs as a spiritual seeker lead Valerie to do something that no one fully understands. On the surface, she appears to have taken her own life and in the process encouraged a very deadly movement. Beneath the surface, her life seems not to have ended at all.
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    Danny Blue

    Danny Blue is a military veteran and survivor of childhood traumas who meets with tragedy when his girlfriend, Valerie Hyerman, is found dead beside him. While struggling to understand the mystery of her death, he encounters iconic figures of the music world, a suicide death cult, and ghosts stuck between worlds. He also realizes that like the world around him, he is changing in ways he never expected.
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    Jimmy Redfyre

    Jimmy Redfyre is a reigning ruler of the world of rock and roll’s darker realms.. There’s nothing his millions of fans will not do for him, but the question is why are they so willing to risk literally everything on his behalf. The answer becomes more and more clear as he plans a massive comeback tour combined with Christmas Eve plans to orchestrate masses of sacrifices committed in his name. As brilliant as his music is, Jimmy Redfyre is much more like a vampire who feeds off the world at will but nothing is ever quite enough for him, so the more he devours the more he desires.
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    If Jimmy Redfyre represents a demonic presence in the novel “Christmas When Music Almost Killed the World”, the singing prophet-healer known as Ruzahn has to be considered Redfyre’s opposite. Ruzahn’s fans do more than relate to him as a superstar musician. He is also the author of a classic underground book of writings called “The Black Skylark Songbook.” They look to his work to inspire their lives and Ruzahn himself actually lives a kind of existence that backs up these expectations. In one version of “Christmas When Music Almost Killed the World”, Danny Blue first meets Ruzahn after he has engaged in a battle with Redfyre. In the better known version, they meet during a hurricane and he becomes Danny Blue’s on-again off-again guide through the increasing chaos in their world.
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