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Top A.D. Vision characters

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    Madlax (マドラックス Madorakkusu) is one of the two protagonists of the 26-episode anime television series Madlax produced in 2004 by the Bee Train animation studio. She is voiced by Sanae Kobayashi in the Japanese version, while voiced by Nancy Novotny in the English version. Madlax is an exceptionally charismatic and attractive young woman, who is at the same time the best mercenary agent in Gazth-Sonika with 98% mission success rate. She was found, raised and trained by the mysterious businessman SSS. She currently lives in an apartment arranged by SSS in the civil war country Gazth-Sonika. According to Vanessa, she doesn't look like a born Gazth-Sonikan, and Madlax replied that her father is a migrator. Madlax usually wears a long white dress in battle. Also, she often wears in other sexy dresses and gowns from time to time. Like Margaret Burton, she doesn't remember anything about her past except the word "Madlax", which she has adopted as her codename. Madlax believes her father is fighting somewhere in Gazth-Sonika, she shares a sympathy for those who suffers the same fate as her. Her oldest memories of youth is when she wandered on the battlefield, called her father. Although
    4 votes
    Carrossea Doon

    Carrossea Doon

    Carrossea Doon (カロッスア・ドゥーン, Karossua Dōn) is a fictional character of the 26-episode anime Madlax created by Bee Train. He is voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa in the Japanese version and by Vic Mignogna in the English version. Once Poupée, a young Nafrecian boy who happened to meet Margaret Burton during the fateful plane crash in 1999. Poupée accompanied Margaret so that she could meet her father, general Richard Burton, but as soon as they arrvived in the war zone, Poupée was killed by Burton. Soon after the tragedy, Poupée became a memory keeper, resides in a spiritual dimension with Laetitia while Carrossea having been found and adopted by Friday Monday, now works as his right-hand man. Despite this, Carrossea doesn't share a good master-servant relationship with him; sometimes, he hides Monday information related to Secondari. Like both Margaret and Madlax, Carrossea doesn't have a clue about his past, but influenced by some unknown reason, he immediately recognize his own bloodstain on Secondari. At the beginning, Carrossea is shown as a Bookwald's employee collecting information about the Holy Books for Friday Monday while still seeking for his past. He first encountered Madlax
    3 votes
    Friday Monday

    Friday Monday

    Friday Monday (フライデー・マンデー, Furaidē Mandē) is a fictional character and the main antagonists of the 26-episode anime Madlax created by Bee Train studio. He is voiced by Masashi Ebara in the Japanese version and by Mike Kleinhenz in the English version. Friday Monday is the founder and leader of Enfant ("Child" in French), an informational criminal organisation. Little is known about him except he triggered the Gazth-Sonika civil war in order to complete his goal and he once attempted to use the powers of the Three Holy Books to open the Door of Truth and plunge the word into a global war. His plan was prevented by General Richard Burton, who he addresses as Madlax and also scattered half of his face. After his attempt failed, Monday managed to keep Firstari, and started searching for the others two books to achieve his goal and also one who possesses the Gift since he has lost his eye to open the Door. Friday Monday apparently is responsible for the plane crash that caused Margaret Burton to be motherless. He appears to possesses a mystical power that can change and control others' memories; throughout the series, his two only victims are Margaret Burton and detective Maclay Marini
    2 votes
    Margaret Burton

    Margaret Burton

    Margaret Burton (マーガレット・バートン, Māgaretto Bāton) is one of the two protagonists of the 26-episode anime television series Madlax produced in 2004 by the Bee Train animation studio. She is voiced by Houko Kuwashima in the Japanese version, while voiced by Luci Christian in the English version. Margaret is a sleepy, clumsy, absent-minded 19-year-old girl who attends an elite college for aristocratic families' children in Nafrece. She lives in an apartment with the maidservant Elenore Baker; she likes pasta. She doesn't stand-out in class except when she makes a fuss. Because she comes from a wealthy noble family, others people have always think of getting the Burton family fortune. Due to the plane crash twelve years ago, Margaret's memories have been lost except the word "Madlax". Margaret is one of the rare people who possesses the Gift, a mysterious ability which can alter the reality. She also has one of the three Holy Books, the one she has is Secondary, the second volume of the set. When she was a child, she has a doll called Laetitia, which later became her personae. Although Margaret is a petite young Nafrecian girl, she has some special connections with Secondari that helps
    1 votes
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