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Top 9 breads for breading in BF2 (Bread Fortress 2)

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    Cinnamon Bread

    Cinnamon Bread

    How did you end up in this hotel room? The last thing you remember is a truck coming towards you. You were on your way home after the deal went south, but then like a blink you're suddenly here. You look fifteen years older in the mirror. You don't remember shaving, but you're clean shaven. You don't remember excercising, but you're skinny as a twig. But then you look closer. On the TV there's a post-it note. You read it.

    "You lost your ability to form new lasting memories after the crash. They killed your wife in retaliation. You won't remember this. You don't have to remember this. That's not your job.

    Pepperidge Farm remembers."

    20 votes


    Roll the dough into a thin cylinder-esque shape. If you throw your momentum just right, one throw is all you need: then lay it down quickly. Salt it. Place it in the oven. Don't think of what--who your grandparents put in the oven. That's the past. You are the future. In fact, whenever the little jewish boy stops by you put a few extra pretzels in his bag. Some jam, too. Not that he would know to, but one day he might just look you in the eyes and say "I forgive you."

    19 votes
    Slice of Bread Ration

    Slice of Bread Ration

    Someone once said "War is Hell". That person never went to War, because Hell is peaceful. In Hell you are given forgiveness. Acknowledgement and repentance for your sin, eventually you reach peace with yourself.

    War is the act of sinning. Of commiting unnatural acts in the names of those who aren't even on the battlefield. War is washing blood out of your clothes but never being able to get rid of the stain. War is bags under your eyes even though you're only 19. War is starving. War is sitting in your bunk finding solace in rolling the metal; revealing a little bit of home. War is scouring for peanut butter so that you can enjoy your ration. War is knowing that after you've eaten you ration, you won't have it again for a month. War is not known if you'll ever go home to have your mother make the sandwhiches the way you like them. War isn't Hell, because things can be okay in Hell. War never gets better, it just stops for a little while.

    17 votes


    The Queen sits across from you. She's concerned. Not for herself nor her country, but for you. She knows what you've been through, the whole world does. They saw the news, they watched the live cameras dig you out from the rubble. They unraveled you from the small child you were protecting-- whom is alive don't you worry. You did good. You're a hero. You're a real goddamn hero. The Queen will not only be knighting you, but is having a personal teatime with you to ask for you opinion on what can be done to prevent such a catastrophe from happening again.

    A professional waiter brings you your favorite, what your mom made you for breakfast every day.

    Tea and Crumpets.

    17 votes
    Loaf of Plain Bread

    Loaf of Plain Bread

    Times are dark. The streets are crowded with shuffling skeletons that are fortunate to still have skin and blood on them. Occasionally a car will plow through, or a truck. If you're lucky, it will hit you. If you're luckier, it will crash. The trunk will pop open and there you will see it: Grainy goodness. Loafs and Loafs of Plain Bread, and you will-- no, you must have it all. Loafs are the lowest division of bread, obviously. This is known throughout the land. The rich have told us that the bible says "Loafs must not be divided, for society would not be able to sustain itself."

    But then you're lucky; and there on the highway is an overturned truck adorned with the only word that captures the magic of the situation: "Wonder". With your child behind you, you run to the truck and see that it's already been raided except for a lone loaf, still in its bag. You open the bag and take out the loaf. You're happy. You smile. But then it dawns on you: You cannot share this bread with your child.  It's been days since either of you have eaten. Your child is looking up at you with the same expression that you use to look at the child because you both know that only one of you can eat the loaf. But then you look around. You look at the schorched earth and the fires that never seem to go out and you ask youself "What good has society done me?". You can't answer. You take your knife out of you pocket. Your child flinches in fear. You raise the knife above you. You bring the knife down.

    The bread is seperate. Nothing has happened aside from creating two seperate units of bread. Do it again.

    Three sections of bread. Again.

    Four. Again.



    All this bread. You could give bread to at least twenty people. It's in units, it's fractioned.

    It's sliced bread.

    13 votes
    11 votes


    They laughed when we surrendered. They knew we would. It was a running joke, for we have that reputation in the global community.

    But when they bite down and find razors in their long french bread, who will surrender then?

    10 votes
    Borodinsky Bread

    Borodinsky Bread

    You no have Borodinsky Bread? Then I do not want. Do not give me your "white bread", white bread is for cowards. Real bread has oats. Color. Real bread have texture. Mollases. Real bread does not need butter or toasting. Real bread eaten not in slices, but in bites. You do not deserve title of "baker", you sicken me. Be gone with you.

    11 votes
    Burnt Slice of Bread

    Burnt Slice of Bread

    He pinches a slice between his nails--no, his talons. He steps outside his front door and extends his arm over the pit next to his mailbox. He turns his hand after a few moments. Seeing that the bread has been toasted to his liking, the lord of the underworld takes it back inside to butter it before consuming alongside his daily breakfast of sinners.

    9 votes
    0 votes
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