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Top 8 college helpers

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    Assignment Masters

    If you're baffled by a topic you've been set, you can seek the assistance of an essay writing company to help you understand it. Assignment Masters provides custom-written papers that you can use as a foundation to write your own paper. While this is of course not a free service, it can be an invaluable tool if you're stuck on a paper and need some help to get past your block. Obtaining a paper from sites like this can be helpful when you have to produce a type of essay you're not familiar with and need an example of how to tackle such papers.

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    Organisation is something that many students struggle with, leading to rushed essays as deadlines approach. Of course you can turn to essay writing sites like Assignment Masters /which can be extremely useful), but you can also use tools like iHomework to help you organise your schedule and avoid any last-minute panics. You can download it to your iPhone or iPad, ensuring that you can access your timetable when it's convenient and keep track of all your commitments.

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    More prestigious and well-known universities pop up on this site. While most of us will never be able to study at Stanford or Johns Hopkins University, we can still benefit from their online free tuition. Coursera places an emphasis on the sciences, although you'll also find arts courses, languages, and business topics. You will need to pay for full access, although you can also access quite a lot of the material for free. The interesting thing about Coursera is that it is even possible to earn a degree, which will be of particular interest to anyone who prefers to study online.

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    Open Culture

    Background reading can often be extremely valuable in helping you understand a topic. Open Culture offers free university courses, including some from well-known institutions such as Yale and MIT. You'll find courses on everything from literature, languages, and philosophy to astronomy and biology. This site will be particularly interesting if you were unable to study at a particular institution, as you can still benefit from their teaching.

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    Study Guide Zone

    If you're studying for a particular test, then search this site to look for a study guide. You'll also find tips on dealing with worrying about exams, being an adult learner, and how to study effectively. This is a very important aspect of education, as knowing the right way to learn (which can vary for different people) can make a substantial difference to your ability to retain information and learn in the most effective manner.

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    Free courses abound at Alison, a site that offers everything from personal development to business topics. Many of the 750 courses on offer will provide you with very useful skills that will enhance your CV and can be applied to many careers. For example, the IT section includes basic subjects like Excel and Photoshop; knowledge of such software is required for many different jobs. So you can study by yourself in your spare time and gain genuinely useful skills.

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    Saylor Academy

    Saylor Academy is not a physical institution, but an online collection of free and open access courses. Their mission is to offer learning free of charge. It's an ideal site for anyone who wants to study a subject in depth, without the expense of enrolling in a university or college. Following these courses means a long-term commitment, but if you really want to learn in detail then a Saylor course is what you're looking for. It may take hundreds of hours, so is only for those who have plenty of spare time or who are in no hurry to complete the course. However, you can take each section at your own pace, so it's flexible enough to fit around your other commitments.

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