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    What I'd say

    Ray Charles and his unique "Ummmmh, ummmmh" sound makes this "feel good" song stand out from the rest. Of course the song had its fair share of controversy with a few groups describing the sound as more "porn like" than any true reflection of modern society but let's face it, without this sound and what it stands for, none of us would be here today to review it.
    9 votes


    Lennon's masterpiece, Imagine says it all. Never has a song been produced that is more relevant today than ever before. The starting lines of Imagine "Imagine there's no heaven" and ending with the message that all are one and equal speaks volumes about war, strife, corruption and peace. Ironically, Lennon was later shot dead by a fanatic..
    8 votes

    Smells like a teen spirit

    The song twists the 80s pop culture hash into a unique song, something that's more representative of today's consumers with the tag line "Here we are now / entertain us".
    8 votes

    Purple Haze

    Jimi Hendrix's opening riff, the tempo, beat and the medley, building up to a steady but sharp finish just underscores the creative genius of Hendrix. In fact, Hendrix is the only one who has a whole chord named after his opening riff, the Hendrix chord.
    7 votes


    Chuck Berry's creation is the starting point for rock 'n roll guitar, it starts from here. The song is a medley of Jazz, blues and country, all rolled into one with Berry's guitar work and lyrics " As I was motarvatin' down the hill.." makes it clear why this song is a hit.
    6 votes

    Good Vibrations

    Sung by the Beach Boys in 1966, it features a thermin for the very first time and is one of the very few songs to do so. The lyrics relate more to a spiritual awakening and continues to be featured on the bill boards for its unique sounds, from echo chamber effects to cello symphonies. It cost a whopping $50,000 to produce the song, making it one of a kind at that time.
    6 votes

    Johnny B. Goode

    Johnny B. Goode, written by Chuck Berry is a iconic rock and roll song. This is the very first rock n' roll song to actually sing about the fame associated with rock 'n roll and is more autobiographical than any other rock song. The rhythms, the single note finish at the chorus end makes it plain why it is so good.
    6 votes


    Aretha Franklin's respect is more representative of a shift in the Civil RIghts movement with the tag line "Give me some respect / and here's why I deserve it". The message certainly had an impact on women and the movement as a whole.
    6 votes

    Hound Dog

    Elvis Presley's take on "Hound Dog" is a classic example of asserting one's independence from rigid traditions, making this song even more popular. Though Elvis did not write the original, he did add more depth to the rock 'n roll song and along with Scotty Moore's slashing guitar and Fontanna's drum rolls, this piece was an instant hit.
    5 votes

    I got you (I feel good)

    This song was simple yet very effective, you did not have to deal with out of tune screams, throaty whispers that went nowhere - instead you had a song that sang volumes about the possibilities. This song is one of James Browns Iconic songs, having influenced singers from Michael Jackson to Prince.
    5 votes


    Recorded in 1972 by Stevie wonder, this song went on to become the number one in all the charts. Stevie wonder manages to bring all the emotion into play, with his rich baritone giving this song more depth. The song features quite a few common superstitions that's still current and opens with a slightly funky drum beat.
    4 votes

    I can't get no Satisfaction

    A Rolling Stones classic, the music is more of a message against the deeply entrenched consumerism than anything else. Hard to believe though is the fact Keith Richards got the riff thanks to a dream and the rest is history..
    5 votes

    Let it be

    Another classic Beatles song, "Let it be" happens to be one of the very last songs to be recorded by the Beatles as a group. Paul McCartney's personal inspiration (his mom) helped him to come up with this song, which as things turned out was the very last one they all worked on together.
    4 votes


    Renegade, a classic song by Styx, created in 1979 as part of their "pieces of eight" is a song which continues to have an impact today. Many view the lyrics as one of a kind, with the song being headlined in many television programs. This song went on to reach #16 in the billboard countdown.
    4 votes

    I want to hold your hand

    Another classic hit from Beatles, this song was created more of a challenge to their creative genius than anything else. "One on one/ Eyeball to eyeball" says it all, the lyrics were more of a unspoken invitation, a erotic come-on..
    5 votes

    What's going on?

    Marvin Gayle's Iconic "What's going on?" says a lot more about personal anguish that a human can go through. The music, more of a jazz blend, effectively conveys the deep sense of loss and torment that Gayle continued to face for a while in his short life. In the end, he never got the peace he so desperately craved and was shot dead by his own father..
    6 votes

    Hey Jude

    Sung by Beatles for the first time in August, '68 - this song managed to hog the top spot for a record 19 weeks. Paul Mccartney got the inspiration for this song from his personal relationship and as a result, it turned out as a warm, feel good song written primarily for his son Julian.
    3 votes

    London Calling

    The Clash soared to fame on this one song, "London Calling" was more of a cry against the rising unemployment and a stark remainder of what can happen. Mick Jones, along with Guy Stevens, strummed the opening chords as a call to arms against the government, real and imagined scenarios.
    3 votes

    Rolling in the deep

    Created by Adele and Epworth, the song got listed as the top song in over 11 countries. Though hard to believe, heartbreak was the inspiration for this ballad and adele channeled her disappointment and anger into this song, causing it to become headlined in the billboard countown.
    2 votes

    Like a Rolling Stone

    Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" continues to headline as the top rock 'n roll song of all times. Dylan managed to turn what was an ordinary pop rythym, adds a flavor of his own, his personal impressions and came up with this one of a kind song. The beauty, there was no crib notes, not a damn thing and the whole song was played by the all great songs go, this is and continues to remain an all time great!
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