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Top 10 alternate versions of DC characters

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    • differences with original character: evil batman
    • personality/traits: similar but different to ours.

    Coming in at the number one spot on this list is Owlman. This earth 3 version of Batman is Thomas Wayne Jr., Bruce's older brother. He has a darker sense of justice, and is a bit crazy, but he's pretty cool. when he finds out that his parents were corrupt, he strait up murders them. When he begins to carry out harsh judgement on criminals and corrupt polititions, Bruce begs him to stop. this leads to Olwman also killing Bruce. He has all the gadgets of our Batman, and more. HE created his universe's invisible jet instead of it's wonder woman creating it. This Universe's Wonder Woman, called Superwoman, is dating this Universe's Superman who is called Ultraman. Owlman has- and continues having- an affair with Superwoman, and uses his knowledge to BLACKMAIL Ultraman into doing NOTHING about it. That's how much of an alpha dog he is in this universe. But he does also end up trying to destroy the entire multiverse... So...  less cool...

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    Jay Gerrick, the Golden Age flash

    • differences with original character: older, I.D. less concealed, not Barry Allen.
    • personality/traits: noble.

    The Golden Age of comics is best represented by the Adam West potrail of Batman, but The character from this comic era that I think changed the most and was the most different from their "Normal self" was the Flash. THIS flash was older than Barry Allen, but that's the most minor difference. This flash's costume is jeans, a college shirt with a lightning bolt on it, and his Father's old war helmet with little lightning bolts on the sides. Since his only apperence in film or TV slightly different from the original Jay, ignore the vid that goes along with this one. This flash, as you may have guessed, makes no attempt to conceal his face. when Jay was rehashed, however, they made it so that he is always vibrating when he is the flash so that nobody can make out his facial features. Still, I think everybody interested should go check out Jay Gerrick's Flash.

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    Super Soldier ( The link leads to a video that I used as a source but ONLY for this one because I couldn't remember this amalgams name but knew he was in the video).

    • differences with original character: a cross of superman and Catpain America
    • personality/traits: noble, heroic, etc.

    Another product of the Amalgam series, Super Soldier was the cross between Superman and Capain America. This new hero was a soldier who went through a military experiment and got Super Strength, Flight, Heat Vision, Invulnerability, and all the powers of Superman. serving in wars as a soldier, more like Cap and less like Superman, He also uses a version of caps sheild. but instead of being circular, Super Soldier's sheild is in the shape of Superman's family crest even though it is decorated with the design and colors of the Flag of the USA. It's basically Superman as a soldier with Cap's invulnerable sheild, even though he himself is BASICALLY invulnerable.

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    CW's green arrow.

    • differences with original character: This green arrow is more dynamic.
    • personality/traits: not exactly trusting, willing to work with a team.

    The CW's TV show adaptation of the green arrow is on season 6 of its long run. I personally really enjoy this vwrsion of Oliver Queen. We see much farther into his backstory before returning to star city, which is only mentioned a few times in the comics. This green arrow had the smarts to wear a mask (In later seasons) and at least a hood to partially cover his face throughout. This green arrow is  also smart enough to shave his beard so that people don't recognise him by that. He, unlike the green arrow of the comics, is not mainly romantically Involved with the Black Canary, But instead with Felicty Smoak. Smoak works at Queen Consolidated at first, then Palmer industries before she was fired. (same company, different owners). She ended up paralysed from the waist down, but assisted Team Arrow as the genious hacker, Overwatch. And no, not the videogame Overwatch I'm always playing. A few other characters from the arrowverse almost made the list, but I felt like the man that started as it's first hero deserved the spot. The other contenders were : Captain Cold, The A.T.O.M., Black/White Canary (Sarah Lance), John Diggle, The flash, Kid flash, and Savitar. 

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    Doctor Doomsday

    • differences with original character: a cross between Dr. Doom and Doomsday
    • personality/traits: brute strength, super smart, electric powers of Dc Doom...

    while this video isn't for Dr. Doomsday, it IS a link to an excelent example of an amalgam. the amalgams were characters from a crossover series between DC and Marvel comics. Dr. Doomsday, as the name implies, is a cross between DC's Doomsday and Marvel's Doctor doom. He had the strength an invulnerablity of Doomsday, but also had the Powers and Intellegence of Doctor Doom. his real name was still Victor Von Doom, but it would be impossible to get this guy mixed up with Dr. Doom. Other amalgams include : Logan Wayne, aka Dark Claw, the mashup of Wolverine and Batman. Hyena, which the video link shows, is the mix of Joker and Sabertooth. there was also Spiderboy, a mix of Superboy and Spiderman. Dr. Strangefate, the mix of doctors strange and fate, didn't get such a creative name. Sinsestron combined DC's Psymon with Marvel's Mr. Sinister. There was even an amalgam of DC's Lobo and Marvel's Howard The Duck called Lobo the Duck. it was a really interesting Universe to see into. 

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    Young Justice Clayface

    • differences with original character: different origin
    • personality/traits: vengeful

    coming in next is the Young Justice series's Clayface. He only appears breifly in the show, but in the Young Justice comics he has a very different origin story from his traditional. In this storyline, Clayface was a member of the League of Shadows named Matthew, who was dating talia al Ghul. When Ra's gives them his blessing, he asks talia in secret to let him uses Ra's's lazarus pit after he reaveals he is dieing from cancer. this is when Talia realizes Matthew doesn't love he but is using her to get to the lazarus pit. She pretends to comply, secretly leading him to the pit, but once he gets in she SHUTS THE LID. Months later when Ra's opens the pit to rejuvenate himself, out comes Clayface, the product of Matthew's months in the pit. His mind isn't what it once was, but he is still loyal to Ra's even though Talia tricked him.

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    Damien Wayne Batman

    • differences with original character: This guy is the son of batman
    • personality/traits: uses guns,

    In the Batman versus Robin animated film by DC comics had a scene in which batman had a vision of a future with his son Damien as Batman. This Batman was also explored breifly in the comics. In the vision, Damien Wayne's "Justice" Using guns and killing leads to the destruction of gotham. It's an interesting look at another Batman who Kills.

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    Flashpoint Batman

    • differences with original character: this batman will kill.
    • personality/traits: even more broody than the original, blames himself for bruce\'s death.

    gotcha! after the last one I added I decided to add Flashpoint timeline Batman after all. This is because Flashpoint batman is THOMAS wayne instead of his son bruce. This is because he is filled with sadness when he is unable to save his son from dying. He vows to track the criminals that did this, and unlike Bruce's batman he is VERY willing to kill, using a gun. He blames himself for bruces death, and so he wants to make sure no other family suffers such a tragedy. And with his wife martha as the joker, this creates a very new and facinating dynamic between Batman and Joker we haven't seen before.

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    Flashpoint (Comics and film, not CW) Joker.

    • differences with original character: This Joker isn\'t unkown, it\'s martha wayne
    • personality/traits: a female joker was very interesting.

    In the flashpoint paradox, It's Bruce Wayne that gets murdered that night and his parents SURVIVE. The sight of her dead son drives martha wayne insane. She carved a grin on her face because Thomas said he wished she was happy. Her madness leads to her eventually becoming the full-fledged joker of this timeline. I also considered putting flashpoint Batman, on this list, but decided to add Martha.

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    Injustice series superman

    • differences with original character: this version of superman turned evil.
    • personality/traits: dark, grim, determined.

    In the injustice comics and games, we see an alternate version of the DC universe. In this universe, The joker used scarecrows fear toxins on superman. This lead superman to see lois lane as doomsday and punch her into space. by the time the gas wore off, lois was beaten to death along with her unborn child. The joker had hooked up a nuclear bomb to lois's heartbeat that would explode if the heartbeat stopped, which it did when she was killed by superman. this destroyed Metropolis and killed EVERYONE in the city. This breaks the man of steel, and he kills the joker by ramming his hand through jokers chest and out the back. Superman starts a merciless organization of superheroes and supervillans called the regime and starts killing all criminals. Batman is not ok with this, so he and a few others form the insurgency which battles the regime. Superman is so far into the bad side of himself that when Shazam questions his motives, Superman strait up kills him.

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