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Tools to Improve Student Writing Through Technology

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    Ninja Essays has a team of professional writers, proofreaders and editors who are always ready to help students improve their academic record by submitting state-of-the-art papers. The website also features useful tips that will greatly improve students’ writing.

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    Writinghouse is an instant generator of citations. Instead of wasting time on properly-structured bibliography and references according to the required style, students can easily format their papers according to any style of referencing they choose. 

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    StoryBird enables students to create short stories that feature lovely pieces of art. The users can explore the content that is available on the website, but they can also create their own stories. 

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    Evernote is one of the most versatile and helpful educational tools available today. Students can use it not only to take notes, but also to keep track of their assignments, store audio files and images, sort the resources they found and more. 

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    MY Access

    MY Access

    MY Access is a cloud-based program that features over 1,500 writing topics in social studies, science, math, and language arts. After you create a composition, the program will provide you with instant feedback on your skills in Content and Development, Focus and Meaning, Mechanics and Conventions, Organization, and Language Use, Voice and Style. 

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