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Theories [The Video Games Version]

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    Call of Duty: Did Alex Mason Kill JFK?

    Sure, In Reality, we all know that Lee Harvey Oswald shot President John F. Kennedy. But what about in Call of Duty: Black Ops? Is it Possible that Protagonist Alex Mason was the shooter? He was Brainwashed by The Russians to Betray his Country, and Mason was seen at the site where Kennedy was shot. That Type of Brainwashing doesn't Exactly just Go Away.

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    Crash Bandicoot: Did Cortex Kill Crash and Coco's Parents?

    We all know that the Bandicoot Siblings Crash and Coco has a Personal Agenda against Doctor N. Cortex. Since we never have seen Crash and Coco's Parents, Is it Possible that Cortex Killed their Parents? He did Experiment with Bandicoots. Crash and Coco's Parents could have been the first Failed Test Subjects.

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    Crash Bandicoot: Is Crash Bandicoot Actually Crash Dingo?

    Okay, so It makes sense that Crash speaks with an Australian Accent in Skylanders Academy, since Bandicoots are from Australia. But Bandicoots are small Possum-Like Animals. It's More Believable that Crash might be a Red-Drawned Dingo, since Dingos are also Australian and looks more like Crash than Bandicoots do.

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    Devil May Cry: Is Dante More Psychotic than we Know?

    In the 5th Game of Devil May Cry, Dante is Younger and Without his Trademark White Hair. During the Fight with the Demon Reporter Bob Barbas, We hear Barbas Reading about Dante's Past, where it's Revealed that Dante Killed Several People, Including the Head Nun of his Orphanage in Cold Blood when he was only 8 Years old, Having had Sex with Several People as a Male Prostitute and Broke out of Several Youth Detention Facilities when he was Between the Ages of 11 and 15. He was Even Involved with Gangs and Drugs when he was 16-17 Years old. Now, Barbas could have been Lying. The only thing is: Dante never Denied Doing any of this, which Possibly hints a Truth here.

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    Injustice: Is Joker Alive?

    We all Know that Joker got what he Deserved from Superman after he Drugged Superman into Killing Lois Lane and her Unborn Son and Destroy Metropolis. But, is it a Chance that Joker might be Alive? We saw him in the Story Mode of Injustice 2 as a Result of Harley Quinn Being Affected by Scarecrow's Fear Gas. They Might have Hinted that Joker is Actually Alive and Hiding out Somewhere... Maybe in the Old Carnival in Harley's Fear Vision.

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