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The Top 5 Boots Every Man Should Own

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    Chelsea Boots

    Originally designed by Queen Victoria’s shoemaker, the Chelsea boots are close fitting, slip-on boots with elastic vents. These ankle-high boots look perfect on any type of pants, whether they are denim, dress pants, or chinos.

    No shoe collection will ever be complete without the Chelseas. Perfect for the metropolitan man, Chelsea boots are stylish, comfortable, and easy to slip on. On your next business meeting, pair them up with black jeans and a structured blazer and you’ll never go wrong! On the other hand, if you’re trying for a more laidback look, pick a brown pair of Chelseas paired with blue jeans.

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    Hiking Boots

    Specifically designed for protecting your feet during outdoor activities, these are one of the most important boots a guy should own. With tough, rubber soles, the hiking boots are highly durable, and can help you trek long distances and rough terrains without any injuries. To dress up in style during the winter, consider adding thick boot socks in a contrasting color or pattern.

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    Leather Chukka Boots

    First worn by British soldiers during the WWII in Africa, the Chukkas became a casual staple during the second half of the 20th century. The Chukkas are a great all-rounder, almost similar to desert boots in terms of size, shape and height. The only difference is that the desert boots come in crepe soles. Make no mistake though, because a pair of Chukkas is up for the job if you’re looking for something to complement your evening attire. With leather or rubber soles, the Chukkas are sturdier and more elegant looking, especially in black or brown, as opposed to their casual reputation. 

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    The Duck Boot

    The most popular of which is the “Bean Boot”, duck boots were invented by Leon Leonwood Bean after returning from a hunting trip with soaked feet. In order to combine a leather boot’s comfort and a rubber boot’s functionality, he created what he originally called the “Maine hunting shoe”.

    Waterproof and sturdy, these shoe-like boots are especially made for those days when you have to deal with heavy rain or snow. Traditionally, duck boots come with textile or leather uppers and rubber bottoms, although a bunch of modern variations such as tread patterns and lacing systems are being produced across different brands. 

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    Wingtip Boots

    With intricate patterns and perforations across the toes and sides, wingtip boots are suited for more formal gatherings such as weddings, business dealings, and date nights. They look best in chestnut or shiny black leather, especially when paired with a modern suit or tailored bottoms. Yet these classic favourites are casual enough to match with a pair of cords or denim, and they’ll look just as good.

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