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The socially awkward monsters

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    The Zombie

    The Zombie

    Do you want a shambling undead creature to walk next to you? Imagine the smell of rot and decay following you wherever you go.

    It would be a bad idea to have drinks with a Zombie. If he hands you a drink, you might find a piece of his finger fallen into the glass. Not that he could say sorry or anything, a zombie is well known for is inability to speak “uuurgh, aaargh, uuuuh”.

    Also, if you ever travel around with a Zombie, make sure you use a helmet. Zombies love brain, and would not hesitate to go for yours. And this would really become awkward if you bring him to a party. Easy to say, he would not be the life of the party… perhaps the death of it.

    3 votes
    The vampire

    The vampire

    Hah, I bet the twilight movies made you think that spending time with a vampire would be great. Think again!

    He has a constant obsession with blood. If you have a slight bruise or cut, he would be all over it with his mouth and fangs. I bet it is not that great to get saliva over a slight paper cut. 

    You could never have a vampire with you during the day. An original vampire would become dust. Would it be great to wash your hair, because you got your new friend in it?  And if it were a twilight-vampire, things would not be much better. In daylight he would become a walking disco ball. Crowds would flock around and be all “Saturday Night Fever” around him/her.

    3 votes
    The extraterrestrial

    The extraterrestrial

    Want an out of the world experience? Then you should hook up with an alien. However, be prepared for a series of awkward moments.

    Depending on the extraterrestrial, you can find one with several eyes, tentacles, no mouth, telepathy, parasitic or unhygienic. People will stare, people will want to take pictures, and people will run away. You will have a hard time being social to anyone else then the alien itself.

    If you are lucky he can bring you up to his spaceship. But decline any offers of probing. That will be hard to explain to your human friends.

    3 votes
    The werewolf

    The werewolf

    The werewolf is a well-known mystical creature. Human during the day and during the full moon he or she turns into a wolf-like creature. Does not sound too bad? Well think about these points:


    You would never be able to talk to this person. He would have endless dog breath. You would have to constantly offer a mint, just to keep the conversation going. And imagine if you would kiss this person… yuck.


    You would not wish to take this person home. If you are unlucky, a full moon might occur during the visit. Imagine all the loose dog hair, laying around your home and on your clothes. I suppose this would be alright, if you wait for him to revert back to human so that he can clean up himself.


    Worst trait would be his constant desire to mark his territory. Interested in a male werewolf? Then be prepared for your house to smell like urine…

    2 votes
    The Mummy

    The Mummy

    A person from ancient Egypt, wrapped up in bandages? Yes, that would be the highlight of your social network.

    You are sitting in a café enjoying some lovely chai. The first awkward situation happens, when you notice that the bandages around his mouth is soaking up his chai.

    Hate mumbling people? Do not go out with a mummy. It is impossible to hear what they say over their bandages. Not to worry, they are most likely talking about their mothers. Why else would they be called “mummy”, they obviously got mother complex.

    Oh, and they always ask if you want some bandages with you when you go to the restroom…. you know… in case there is no toilet paper.


    2 votes
    The Demon

    The Demon

    With a demon as a friend, everything will be hot. Their bodies always generate heat, and occasionally some random flames from their mouth or hand. This makes is especially awkward to go skiing with a demon. The snow, where he stands, will always melt, and you will be thrown out of the skiing slope.

    He will also show his workaholic nature, since all he can talk about is souls and damnation. If you ever meet new people, he will try to persuade them to sell their soul.

    Another annoying thing about demons is their constant desire to do pranks. Expect at least one prank per hour, and most of them will be blamed on you… for bringing him to the party

    2 votes
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