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My backlog of shame

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    Metro 2033

    The Metro 2033 game showed a lot of promise. It provides great atmosphere and narrative packed in some very impressive visuals. So impressive, in fact, that my PC always crashed whenever i tried to play it.


    I still have not managed to fix my computer issue, so the game is still relatively untouched on my Steam library. Whenever I try to play a game with slight visual promise, the same issue occurs. 


    At some point, I will fix my graphic problem, and then I will again enjoy the dusky Russian setting of Metro 2033. 


    2 votes

    Baldurs Gate: Enhanced Edition's_Gate:_Enhanced_Edition

    I remember very well, how I enjoyed the original Baldur’s Gate in my early teen years. I must have spent hours just to develop the perfect character. This game had perfect atmosphere and is perhaps the best game (together with the sequel), which I have ever played.


    When I finally got my hands on the enhanced edition, I was thrilled by the prospect of rekindling my nostalgia and love for isometric roleplaying games. But the game is still dusting down in my Steam library. I think the problem is that I started to play the game on the iPad, but found it lacklusting in controls. I decided to play it on PC, got it on Steam, but found out that my progress could not me continued on the PC. This setback put me slightly off, but I am still determined to return to the game one day.

    1 votes


    I loved the art of Folklore and i played the demo of it on my newly bought PS3. I acquired a copy of the full game not so long after it was released. I started playing it, but I was often distracted by more important things (studies), so the game dusted down in the shelf.


    I often glance over this title, and remember the complicated, but fun, motion control features it has. I am not so certain that I will actually finish this title, but I would like to.

    1 votes

    Silent Hill 1, 2, 3, 4

    These games are very high on my “want to play” list. However, I have a big problem: I am too scared to play them.


    I never got the chance to get aquatinted with these gems when they first came out. But I have later managed to acquire myself a copy. I had heard some amazing things about them and I was looking forward to experiencing them myself. I thought that the dated graphics would make them easier on the nerves…


    But I was wrong… so very very wrong. 


    I have attempted three times to play Silent Hill 2, and it is just simply impossible. I have realised that these are games, which I have to “coop” with a friend.

    1 votes

    Xenoblade Chronicles

    This game got amazing reviews and was tremendously hyped up. I felt giddy when I finally received my copy in the mail. This would perhaps be the final Wii game, which I would play. I just had to finish going through Skyward Sword.


    And then I got an Xbox, with some awesome games, which I cooped with a friend of mine. After a long time, I realised that Xenoblade was still unpacked in my shelf. I unpacked it and looked over the disk and box, put it back on the shelf and determined to play it at a later point. Thankfully, the WiiU is able to play Wii games.

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