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Electric Boilers: how to choose?

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    Electric Boilers: how to choose?

    Electric boilers are specialized equipment which is used for heating private houses or commercial buildings and as hot water solutions. This electrical equipment is often purchased to save on utility bills. Electricity has always been much cheaper than gas fuel. Accordingly, the use of these resources does not hit the average person's budget so much.

    Culm Stores Distribution Elterm Ltd which is one of the leading boiler distributors in the United Kingdom provides you with the basic information as for the types of electric boilers available today on the market and how to choose the most suitable option among them.

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    Types of boilers by construction

    By type of construction, electric boilers can be divided into two main types:

    Wall-hung boilers are characterized by small dimensions. It is accepted to mount directly to the wall of the room, which should be heated.

    Floor standing boilers are essential for the heating of the big inhabited areas. These models are most often produced in two-circuit variations. They are characterized by larger sizes than wall-hung ones.

    Ease of installation, long-term operation and not complex maintenance are the main advantages of these boilers.

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    Which is best for you?

    When choosing a type of electric boiler it is necessary to take into account a lot of criteria from the time of performance required to the sources of energy which you are going to use. In Culm Stores you can find various types of electric boilers for different purposes:

    -       Home heating boilers

    -       Hot water solutions

    -       Boilers for commercial usage

    -       Combi boilers

    -       Alternate heating boilers

    -       Boilers using renewable  sources of energy

    -       Instantaneous electric flow heater

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    How to choose an electric boiler

    To determine the best option, it is strongly recommended to make a thorough calculation of the living space so the potential buyer will be safe from mistakes and will be sure of the sufficiently high performance of the acquired equipment. Especially good models are produced by popular manufacturers all over the world. These companies especially appreciate their reputation, so they always undertake to guarantee the maximum quality of the products sold.

    To learn about the individual qualities of any selected model, you can see the reviews of previous customers. You can find them on the website of an online store or at specialized forums on the Internet.

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    Types of boilers by purpose

    According to its purpose, electric boilers can be divided into two main subgroups:

    • Combi boiler/dual-circuit (heating + hot water supply) is not only able to make the house where they are installed, warmer. Such electrical equipment is also responsible for hot water supply. These devices are equipped with a full boiler, which helps to heat the cold water to the desired level.

    • Single-circuit (heating) - this is a standard device of this type, which is responsible exclusively for the heating system of the room. It is characterized by the maximum economy. In comparison with gas and solid fuel models, this option is much cheaper to maintain.

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