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Biggest Emmy Snubs 2014

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    • Snubbed for:: EVERYTHING

    Not a single nomination. Not one. Not for the fantastic co-lead performances by Hugh Dancy or Mads Mikkelson as the tituliar cannibal. Not for Laurence Fishbourne's wonderful supporting performance, nor the underratted performance of Caroline Dhavernas. Not for any of the amazing guest spots from actors like Eddie Izzard, Raul Esparza, or Gillian Anderson. No nomanation for the brilliant, twisting scripts or the excaptional directing. No nomination for the absolutely chilling sound design. No nomination for the universally acclaimed cinematography. Nothing.

    To those who have watched the show, this does not make any sense.

    8 votes
    Tatiana Maslany

    Tatiana Maslany

    • Snubbed for:: Best Actress in a Drama Series

    If nominations were solely on a character basis, Tatiana Maslany could fill up the entire "Best Supporting Actress" category. She plays at least half of the main cast, and most watchers become so immersed in the performances that they forget that it's the same person. There's plenty that's already been said on this topic, but until she wins the award she deserves whilst performances like Michelle Dockery and Kerry Washington (which although fantastic, nowhere near the level of talent that Maslany has acheived) there should be riots in the street.

    6 votes
    Thomas Middleditch

    Thomas Middleditch

    • Snubbed for:: Best Leading Actor in a Comedy

    Thomas Middleditch quietly gave one of the best performances on television this past season as the socially awkward Richard Hendricks whose accidental rush to the top lays immense amounts of anxiety on the young programmer; and yet is throroughly hilarious but opting for subtlety where similar shows about socially awkward nerds go for broad representations. Middleditch present pathos and deep characterization to what could've been merely a funny show, but it takes a truly great performance to provide dramatic stakes to a comedy show.

    7 votes
    The Good Wife

    The Good Wife

    • Snubbed for:: Best Drama Series

    While the competition for the Best Drama Series category was particularly stiff this year, including the masterful final season of Breaking Bad and the exceptional debut of True Detective, there is no good reason that The Good Wife's fifth season, undeniable the best of the series and possibly the best season of network television this past year, was left off. Far surpassing middling seasons of other "prestige" shows House of Cards and Downton Abbey, the twists and turns of the fifth season pitted the characters we've sent years getting to know and love against each other in personal, visceral ways. An anti-thesis to shows like Game of Thrones which spread its plots and characters over vast lands and not even allowing most of them to directly interact, The Good Wife displayed the benefits of trapping its characters within each others reach, creating heart-breaking and thrilling drama that never let up over an immense 22 episodes. It seems the Emmys have pulled a 360 since the days of ignoring cable shows, and now seems to exclusively cater to them which means gems such as this fifth season get swept under the rug.

    5 votes
    Rian Johnson - "Ozymandias"

    Rian Johnson - "Ozymandias"

    • Snubbed for:: Outstanding Directing of a Drama Series

    Sure, Breaking Bad still scored a nomination for its wonderful finale, but Johnson's visuals throughout "Ozymandias" from the fade away of the RV to an empty desert, rolling the barrel of cash through the great flat expanse of New Mexico, through to the most terrifying knife fight in television defined the episode as the series' best, even in the opinion of series creator and nominated director Vince Gilligan who said in an interview it was his favorite episode. Don't weep for Jonhson and his career though, as he's lined up to direct episodes VIII and XI of Star Wars.

    5 votes
    Andy Samberg

    Andy Samberg

    • Snubbed for:: Lead Actor In A Comedy

    After winning the Golden Globe for their corresponding category it's really a shock to see that Samberg, whose performance as Nick Peralta served as a wonderful anchor for Brooklyn Nine-Nine's strong first season, didn't even get nominated. Of course it's understandable to see Louis C.K. up there, but nominating Willam H. Macy, Don Cheadle, and Ricky Gervais for shows that are comedies in only the loosest sense of the word? And how long before the academy realizes that Jim Parsons doesn't need any more emmys? Here's hoping that they wise up next year and give props where props are due.

    5 votes
    Pedro Pascal

    Pedro Pascal

    • Snubbed for:: Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series

    Pascall left an immediate, powerful impression on viewers of the popular Game of Thrones series for his portrayal of Oberyn Martell (one of the few likable and decent characters left in Westeros), but come nomination time was not able to sneak in to the category, understandably so considering competition from great performances like Dylan Baker in The Good Wife, Reg E. Cathey in House of Cards, Paul Giamatti in Downton Abbey, and the legendary Robert Morse in Mad Men. Here's hoping that he'll be able to score a nomination next season! (Fun Fact: Listnerd is a spoiler-free zone!)

    4 votes
    Masters of Sex

    Masters of Sex

    • Snubbed for:: Best Drama Series, Best Actor

    For a show that made such a splash in so many categories, it's quite odd that the academy overlooked this subtle period peice. Even more surprising was snubbing Michael Sheen who is giving the performance of a lifetime on a weekly basis, however it's a tough crowd when you're going up against Jon Hamm, Bryan Crantson, Jeff Daniels, Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, and Kevin Spacey. Fortunately for the show, however, it landed acting nominations for Lizzy Caplan, Beua Bridges, and favorite-to-win for Best Guest Actress In A Drama Allison Janney.

    3 votes
    Emmy Rossum

    Emmy Rossum

    • Snubbed for:: Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy

    First off, WHY are we still claiming Shameless is a comedy? Or Orange Is The New Black for that matter? Or so many other shows that just happen to be drama shows with vaguely comedic elements. That absurdity aside, even though William H. Macy has been turning in great performances as the patriarch of the Gallagher family, Rossum's Fiona has been the heart of the series since episode 1 and has been giving an especially strong performance this season. It would be a real shame if this show came and went without showing some respect to one of the most talented young actresses working today.

    3 votes
    Comedy Bang! Bang!

    Comedy Bang! Bang!

    • Snubbed for:: Outstanding Variety Series (and all associated categories)

    Scott Aukerman recently called for the Emmys to created seperate awards categories for sketch comedy programs to honor the amazing work of shows like Key & Peele, Portlandia, Inside Amy Schumer, and others. However, those three examples were all nominated for Best Writing for a Variety Series, and Comedy Bang Bang was not. Dedicated to deconstructing not just the televised talk show format, but any and every type of television they can concievably think of, Aukerman and bandleader Reggie Watts find the sweet spot of surreality and comedy that plays like a palatable version of the work of Tim & Eric. It'd be a real shame next year if Portlandia continued to be the only IFC show getting nominations.

    2 votes
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