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    Prince of persia

    Prince of persia

    • Year Released: 1989
    Prince of Persia is a platform game, originally developed by Jordan Mechner and released in 1989 for the Apple II, that represented a great leap forward in the quality of animation seen in video games. After the original release on the Apple II, Prince of Persia was ported to a wide range of platforms. The game managed to surprise and captivate the player despite being at first glance, repetitive. This was achieved by interspersing intelligent puzzles and deadly traps all along the path the player-controlled Prince had to take to complete the game—all this packaged in fluid, life-like motion. Prince of Persia influenced a sub-genre, which imitated the sprawling non-scrolling levels, fluid animation, and control style. The game is set in Ancient Persia. While the Sultan is fighting a war in a foreign land, his vizier Jaffar seizes power. Jaffar's only obstacle to the throne is the Sultan's daughter. Jaffar locks her in a tower and orders her, under threat of execution, to become his wife. The game's nameless protagonist, whom the Princess loves, is thrown into the palace dungeons. To win the game the player must lead the protagonist out of the dungeons and to the palace tower,
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    Prince of persia 3d

    • Year Released: 1999
    Prince of Persia 3D, developed by Red Orb Entertainment and published by The Learning Company for Microsoft Windows, is the third game in the Prince of Persia series. The game debuted in 1999, 10 years after the original, and incorporated 3D graphics in its gameplay. In 2000, a Dreamcast version under the name Prince of Persia: Arabian Nights was developed by Avalanche Software and published by Mattel Interactive, which had previously purchased both Red Orb Entertainment and The Learning Company. Many of the control flaws from the original PC version were corrected and other notable bugs were fixed, improving the gameplay of this port, although it still suffers the same camera problems. This version was only released in North America. Prince of Persia 3D begins with the Prince and Sultan of Persia visiting the Sultan's brother, Assan. Soon enough, the Prince's personal bodyguards are killed, himself locked in the dungeon, and the Sultan taken by Assan. The Prince escapes the dungeon, and it is revealed that the Sultan of Persia promised Assan many years ago that his daughter would marry Assan's son, Rugnor, not the Prince. The Prince finds the two, but Assan kills the Sultan by
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    Take no prisoners

    • Year Released: 1997
    Take No Prisoners (also known as TNP) is a computer game released in 1997. It was based on the Vampire engine, developed by Raven Software, along with MageSlayer. The engine provides a top-down view with NPC and props being sprites. The score was composed by Kevin Schilder. The whole game is set in San Antonio, Texas, in a post-apocalyptic near future. The player takes the role of Slade, a soldier recruited by Martech Industries, Inc. to retrieve a crystal located in the Dome, in the center of the desolated city. He must make his way through a San Antonio in chaos and fight irradiated inhabitants and mutants to get to the Dome and retrieved the crystal that is supposed to be used to build a new Dome. The end of the game suggests a sequel, but it was never released. The city is divided in seven sectors, each one ruled by particular factions, all enemies of Slade, with a total of 18 particular levels. The player can travel them by using the three ways of traveling through the sectors. Slade starts the game with only two weapons, the saber and the shotgun. Along the game, he'll collect more weapons from his enemies. He also has a very useful PDA where he can store a lot of
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