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    A monkey's tale

    • Year Released: 1999
    A Monkey's Tale (French: Le Château des singes; literally "The Castle of Monkeys") is a feature-length French animated film by Jean-François Laguionie. It was released in 1999, and won the Award for Best Animated Feature Film at the 5th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival. It has never been released on American video or DVD, although it has been available in the UK. Kom is a member of the Woonkos, a tribe of monkeys who live in a canopy and they live in obsessive fear of falling into a nearby pit, which is inhabited by other monkeys they believe to be demons. Kom refuses to believe these superstitions and claims bravery and is rude to the elder of the Woonkos. However, on the way home, he accidentally falls from the tress into the land below. When there, he meets the Lankoo tribe and finds they are in fact very similar to his own tribe. He befriends Gina, a young maid and Master Martin, the librarian and they help teach him to behave like a Lankoo. The Lankoo king is impressed by his actions. However, there is also evil afoot. The chancellor Sebastian, the governess and their dim-witted side-kick, Gerard the Gormless, are up to evil plans: they will find a way for the King to die and
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    Rider on the rain

    • Year Released: 1970
    Rider on the Rain (French: Le Passager de la pluie) is a 1970 French mystery thriller film starring Charles Bronson, directed by René Clément, produced by Serge Silberman, with film music composed by Francis Lai. In a god-forsaken, off-season French seaside town we meet Marlène Jobert starring as the diffident, nail-biting, beautiful and lonely Mélancolie "Mellie" Mau, who watches a mysterious stranger step down from the bus into the pouring rain. He follows and eventually rapes her, while her husband (an airline navigator) is away from home. However, when coming to her senses again, she manages to kill her attacker and dispose of the corpse. She decides to keep quiet about the whole incident to avoid complications with her jealous husband. — Enter Charles Bronson as the tough US Army colonel Harry Dobbs, who is out on undercover work trying to track down a serial rapist who has escaped from a military stockade in Germany. He confronts her and she is shocked that he seems to know exactly what has happened, but she sticks to her story of knowing nothing. Since the Colonel is less than forthcoming about his own mission, she also starts to worry about her absent husband possibly being
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