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    Miss london ltd.

    • Year Released: 1943
    Miss London Ltd. is a 1943 British, black-and-white, comedy, musical, war film, directed by Val Guest and starring Ronald Shiner as Sailor Meredith and Arthur Askey as Arthur Bowden. It was produced by Edward Black, Maurice Ostrer, Fred Gunn and Gainsborough Pictures. This musical comedy stars Arthur Askey as Arthur Bowden, the head of an escort agency in wartime London. He is assisted in this role by Evelyn Dall and soon has railway clerk Anne Shelton on the books. The opening sequence of the film features the latter singing "The 8.50 Choo Choo For Waterloo Choo" at Waterloo Station before she is recruited by Bowman for his agency. As usual, Ronald Shiner's character (Sailor Meredith) plays a decisive role. The film is notable for a surreal self parodying sequence in which Bowman, to gain entrance to a hotel, pretends to be the famous Arthur Askey, using some of his choice catchphrases. Other spoofs include Askey and Dall doing a routine as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and, with Shiner in addition, as the three Marx Brothers.
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