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    Amen: the awakening

    Amen: The Awakening was a narrative driven first-person shooter/role-playing video game with some stealth elements by Cavedog Entertainment. It was to be the first FPS by Cavedog. 60% completed, it was canceled in 2000 for a variety of reasons, one of which being that its overall scope and proprietary game engine was far too ambitious, given computer hardware of the time. On Christmas Eve 2032, "The Awakening" happens. Over 4 billion humans go into a murderous rampage. In the ensuring chaos, planes crash, cities burn and millions are dead. In order to stop the rampage of the "Afflicted" the European Resistance Organization is formed in Western Europe to create a "Safe-Zone" where those who are not contaminated with the disease can live in harmony.
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    Total annihilation

    • Year Released: 1997
    Total Annihilation (abbreviated TA) is a real-time strategy video game created by Cavedog Entertainment, a sub-division of Humongous Entertainment, and released on September 30, 1997 by GT Interactive for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. It was the first RTS game to feature 3D units and terrain. Two expansion packs were released, The Core Contingency on April 30, 1998 and Battle Tactics on June 30, 1998. After the closure of the Cavedog Entertainment Studios in 1999, the intellectual property fell to Infogrames (now Atari). Total Annihilation is no longer officially supported, due to the closure of Cavedog. However, the last remaining site, tauniverse is hosting unofficial modding. The Cavedog team ended, but Ex-Cavedog & Lead Designer Chris Taylor, went on with Gas Powered Games to create Supreme Commander, popularly considered the "spiritual successor" of Total Annihilation. A remake of Total Annihilation named XTA, lacking any fixed camera angle, has been independently produced. It uses the open source completely 3D graphics engine named Spring. Also, the Total Annihilation 3D (TA3D) project was begun in the summer of 2006. Total Annihilation is currently played online via The
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    Total annihilation: battle tactics

    • Year Released: 1998
    Total Annihilation: Battle Tactics is the second of two expansion packs for the popular RTS computer game Total Annihilation, released on June 30, 1998 in the United States. Its features include 100 new missions as either the Arm or the Core, four new units (the Arm Stunner & Phalanx and the Core Neutron & Copperhead) and new keyboard shortcuts. Six new multiplayer maps are included, and, for the first time in the Total Annihilation series, some single-player missions are set on acid and crystal worlds. The two previous installments of the Total Annihilation series bore a distinct focus on resource and economy management, requiring the player to show an adept knowledge of economic skill to successfully complete a mission; lack of the ability to manage resources would usually result in the player's downfall. Missions would often begin with the player's Commander (and several small units designed for light defense until a secure base could be established), placed amongst a variety of enemies, with limited resources in which to create and defend a base. Battle Tactics broke from this trend, focusing missions on battles, as the title would suggest. In many missions, particularly in
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    Total annihilation: kingdoms

    • Year Released: 1999
    Total Annihilation: Kingdoms or TA:K is a medieval fantasy real time strategy game created and released by Cavedog Entertainment on June 25, 1999. While it was the last major title from Cavedog Entertainment, an expansion pack, The Iron Plague, was released in 2000. Total Annihilation: Kingdoms was the anticipated second installment of the Total Annihilation franchise. Although the game was neither a prequel nor a sequel to the original Total Annihilation game, comparisons between the two games were inevitable. There were numerous thematic and design differences between Total Annihilation and Total Annihilation: Kingdoms. Four sibling monarchs struggle for domination of the land of Darien: Elsin of Aramon, Kirenna of Veruna, Thirsha of Zhon and Lokken of Taros, following the disappearance of their father, Garacaius. On March 6, 2000, shortly before Cavedog's collapse, an expansion pack was released titled The Iron Plague. The premise of the sequel continued the storyline of the lost father of magic, Garacaius. Believing that magic was a source of conflict, Garacaius fled his kingdom and founded a new empire based on science and engineering, as opposed to magic. This new empire,
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    Total annihilation: the core contingency

    • Year Released: 1998
    The Core Contingency (abbr. TA:CC) is a 1998 expansion to the popular 1997 real-time strategy computer game Total Annihilation. It contains extra units and maps, as well as a campaign of 25 missions and a long-awaited (although glitchy) official map editor. The Core Contingency picks up where the original game finishes with the Arm ending, in which the Arm achieved final victory over the Core in its homeworld Core Prime, in their Galactic War of over 4,000 years. With the Core supposedly wiped out of existence, the Arm undergoes one-hundred years of reconstructing civilization. However, a lone Core Commander survives, hidden away in a distant system. The Core Commander, the heart of the Core's Contingency plan in case the Core would ever be defeated, is charged with a single mission: to search for a powerful and ancient alien artifact hidden in the region. With modifications, the beacon could supposedly be converted into an Implosion Device—a single, phenomenally powerful superweapon which, when activated, would cause the entire galaxy to implode into itself, with the Core's pure intention to permanently extinguish the Arm. The Core Commander would stay inside the gigantic machine
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