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    Your ideal home gym setup is now within reach, thanks to expert tips and advice from Garage Gym Builder online.




    Garage Gym Builder was born from former competitive weight lifter and gym owner Jim Roose’s desire to give back to the fitness community. Started in 2014, our site has been providing information on the various fitness machines and gym equipment you’ll need to complete your home gym.


    An hour of working out can take more of an effort than it ought to if you have to travel all the way to and from the gym every time. Wouldn’t it be easier to just work out at home?  Forget about going to the gym; let the gym come to you. Garage Gym Builder can help you find the right machines and equipment for your particular fitness course.


    Are you ready to change the way you work out? Check out today!


    Products & Services


    We have all the information you’ll need to start building your home gym compiled in one convenient, online resource. Our site serves as a comprehensive guide to anyone who is looking to take their fitness routine to a more personal level. The information that our site offers can help you build a home gym that’s right for you.


    In the Media


    Get the latest on fitness or find advice on how to start working out at home by following Garage Gym Builder on social media:







    You can reach us through our social media pages, or by messaging us via the contact form available on the official Garage Gym Builder website.

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