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5 Signs You're A Sleep-Deprived New Mom

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    You find your cell phone in the refrigerator...

    That's right, you are more prone to making ridiculous mistakes. Have you ever been on a long and frustrating search to find your phone, only to hear ringing coming from the refrigerator? Or how about pouring the milk into a bottle in the middle of the night BEFORE inserting the liner, only to have the milk spill straight through onto the floor? (Yes, I did that one). Cut yourself a break! You're a new mama to a lovely bundle of joy.

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    You completely forget what you were talking about (midsentence)

    You may think you suddenly have adult ADD but chances are, you just need sleep! Lately, you're distracted by anything and everything. Even the sound of the wind will make you lose your train of thought. If you have a baby that still wakes up at night, chances are it's actually sleep deprivation. If you feel like lack of sleep is affecting your productivity at work, due to lack of focus, maybe consider temporarily cutting back on your hours until you can get a handle on your baby's schedule.

    If this isn't an option, try adjusting your work environment to eliminate as many distractions as possible. If you work in a cubicle, see if you can be moved to a quieter area. If you're right in the middle of the room, you'll have to put up with more noise and "traffic" of people walking past your desk. Of course if you're in an office all you have to do is shut the door and close the blinds, if there are any. Also, remove all the little things off your desk that will take your attention away from work. This includes pictures, paper weights, etc. For some people, wearing headphones and listening to music also helps them to zero in on the task at hand, while others need complete silence. Figure out what works for you, and then do it.

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    You drive all the way home and forget how you got there.

    OK, so this one is probably a bit more serious than the others, but still a strange anomaly. If you tend to zone out while you're driving, you might want to consider a change. Sometimes, you just can't get the baby to sleep through the night right away. I know, I've been there. My first slept all night by 3 months. My second is 19 months and STILL waking up at night. I've tried everything. I'm sure you have, too. Here's a bit of advice: take your to-do list, and then cut it in half!

    The good thing about babies is that they need naps during the day as well. Don't even bother saying what you're about to tell me. I know that you don't have time to nap, and I know that you have too many things to get done for work or around the house. However, nothing is more pressing than your health and well-being! If you were to fall asleep at the wheel, who would take care of your child? Worse yet, what if your precious baby was in the car with you? If you take care of you, you can do a much better job of taking care of your kids. 

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    You only shave one leg, and don't notice until you get to work...

    Earth to the new mama!! Yeah, that's YOU I'm talking to. The new mama who now spaces out on the weirdest things. When I went back to work after my second child was born, I was spacing out all the time. I began to run through the actions of my day in autopilot. One day, I realized I had only shaved one of my legs... and I was already at work! Talk about embarrassing. Fortunately, I work around a bunch of women. What else is there to do but laugh about something like that? 

    6 votes

    You feel like cursing out anyone who even breathes wrong...

    Ah yes, you're cranky and easily irritated. Sure, there is always the freak of nature who is a perfectly patient angel all the time, even when they haven't been getting any sleep. The rest of us, however, have natural human reactions to sleep deprivation. One of those reactions is having to resist the urge to bite someone's head off at the tiniest offense (or even perceived offense). No one made you run into that countertop, and no one put that table there on purpose with the hopes that you would stub your toe. If you're really in that bad of a mood, go for a run. It's amazing how much better you'll feel if you just force yourself to break away, pop in your headphones, and boost your endorphins through exercise. Not only is exercise a great cure for a bad mood, but it also will help you to sleep better. This is especially important when your sweet babe totally messes up your sleep schedule... this may cause you have trouble going to sleep or staying asleep during the precious opportunities you do get to sleep. 

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