Workers Party of New Zealand

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About Workers Party of New Zealand

The Workers Party of New Zealand (previously known as the Anti-Capitalist Alliance) is a socialist/communist political party in New Zealand. It publishes a monthly magazine called "The Spark". Its current National Organiser and Secretary is Rebecca Broad. According to the party's official website, The five-point policy platform of the Workers Party is as follows: The party's magazine The Spark states that the party wants: "A world without poverty and war, a world of material abundance where human potential can be expressed in full," adding that "While these ideas appear untenable today, they were the notions that inspired revolutions in the 20th century." The party was founded in 2002. It was formed by an electoral alliance of the original Workers' Party (pro-Mao, Marxist-Leninist) and the pro-Trotsky Revolution group, with the intention of fielding candidates in the 2002 New Zealand general election. The party was unregistered, and so could not contest the party vote in New Zealand's Mixed Member Proportional electoral system. In 2004, the original Workers' Party and Revolution merged to become the Revolutionary Workers' League (RWL), which describes itself as a "Marxist current".

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