Wendy Whoppers

Ranked #238 on the list Best Porn Actresses of All Time

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About Wendy Whoppers

Wendy Whoppers (born August 13, 1970) is the stage name of a big-bust feature dancer and pornographic actress originally from St. Louis, Missouri. Whoppers, with the aid of large breast implants, became a popular big-bust entertainer. Her first pornographic film was Palm Springs or Bust (1992). She had a total of four operations to enlarge her breasts from an original 34B, starting in 1989, ending with double lumen implants, which were made of one bag of 1000 cc of silicone inside of another bag of 2000 cc of saline. She retired from films in 1994, and has since had her breasts reduced. In addition to touring on the feature dancing circuit she has appeared in 120 hardcore porn films, and in many adult magazines, and on several television talk shows, including those of Montel Williams, Danny Bonaduce, and Richard Bey.

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