Vault 87

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About Vault 87

Responsible for much of the chaos in the Capital Wasteland, Vault 87 was an important part of the Enclave’s experiments.

After entering, the inhabitants of the vault were forced into airtight chambers, and exposed the Forced Evolutionary Virus. The virus transformed the inhabitants into a number of horrific creatures, most notably the Super Mutants and Centaurs. Retaining much of their intelligence (but becoming extremely aggressive), the Super Mutants became enamoured with their new ‘species’, obsessing over how to preserve it. The virus ensured that the Super Mutants were totally infertile, with no means to add expand their species beyond exposing others to the virus. Therefore, the Capital Wasteland has been subjected to numerous kidnappings and raids, as the Super Mutants carry away humans to mutate, and look for new sources of the virus.


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