Vault 112

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About Vault 112

One of the more memorable locations from Fallout 3, Vault 112 was a small facility that housed virtual reality pods. 

The pods were designed to suspend the 85 inhabitants in a virtual utopia until the vault’s opening. However, thanks to the actions of Overseer Stanislaus Braun, this was sadly not the case. Braun became mad with power, gaining something of a god complex.

By the time the player reaches Vault 112, the inhabitants have become Braun’s playthings, trapped in an endless, sadistic virtual cycle. Rather than allowing everyone to live in a perfect utopia, as originally planned, Braun took total control over the simulations. Creepily taking on the persona of a little girl named Betty, Braun has been psychologically torturing his fellow residents, before wiping the virtual worlds and booting up new ones.

The player is able to permanently kill the dwellers to free them from the nightmare, and also has the option of trapping Braun in his simulations, alone forever.

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