Vault 108

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About Vault 108

Vault 108 had a number of bizarre oddities that took place within its walls.

Most notably, the vault contained a cloning facility, along with the usual amenities. However, there was also an elaborate experiment that led to a total collapse of the vault’s population. The first Overseer of Vault 108 went into the vault knowing that he was expected to die within 40 months of entering the facility. The experiment was researching conflict for leadership, and as such no authority positions were assigned to the general residents of the vault.

On top of this, the power supply was intended to fail after 240 months, no entertainment was given, and there was an excessively stocked armoury. The cloning experiments also quickly got out of hand, with each clone having an extremely violent temperament towards non-clones. By the time the player reaches the vault, only clones are left alive inside. Eerily, each clone can only say one word:


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