Vault 106

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About Vault 106

Vault 106 was another facility that was constructed with a specific experiment in mind. This time, it was with regards to psychoactive drugs, and their effect on an enclosed community. 10 days after the Vault was closed, vaporous hallucinative drugs were continuously pumped into the air. The Overseer assured the population that there was no problem, and the facility swiftly descended into insanity.

When the player encounters the vault, there are still drugs being pumped through the filtration system, causing strange hallucinations. There are still some vault residents still alive, though they are totally mad, and attack the player on sight. The drugs in the air can also be thanked for this delightful poem, discovered near the Overseer’s office:

Scribbledy bibbledy hoodelly hoo. Wing wang bricka bang choo choo choo. Upsideup popsicle tastes like blue Ghosts in the hall go boo boo boo!

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