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About Unity Resources Group

Unity Resources Group is an Australian-owned private military company headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, founded in 2000, which describes itself as having a "diverse client base, spanning government, non-government and multi-national business sectors." The company is mainly staffed by Australian nationals and is a member of the Private Security Company Association of Iraq (PSCAI) and the International Peace Operations Association (IPOA). Unity Resources Group (Unity) is an integrated risk mitigation solutions provider for clients in complex, challenging and fragile environments globally. The group was established in Australia in 1996 and today operates across the core markets of Australia, Africa, The Americas, the Middle East, Central Asia and Europe. Unity Resources Group currently offers the following services: Australia Asia Middle East Africa Europe On October 9, 2007, employees of the company shot at an approaching car in Baghdad. Two civilian women, both in the front seat, were killed: Marou Awanis, 48, a mother of three, and Genevia Askander, 30. The shooting has provoked strong outrage in Iraq, since it follows closely on the Blackwater Baghdad shootings of

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