Ultimaker 3D

Ranked #3 on the list Top 10 3D Printers for consumers

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About Ultimaker 3D

  • Material(s): PLA plastics and ABS
  • Print volume: 21x21x20.5 cm (L/W/H)
  • Resolution: 0.0125 mm

  • The assembled Ultimaker includes an Ulticontroller with LCD interface.
  • An extremely large build volume, 21x21x20.5 cm (L/W/H), while having a very desktop friendly footprint of only 35x35 cm.
  • The fastest controlled horizontal acceleration in the market, allows for extremely fast printing.
  • Connect the machine to your computer's USB port, Drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux are available.
  • Capable of printing with biodegradable PLA plastics and ABS. For printing with ABS a heated bed is recommended. This allows for extremely affordable printing (plastics offered here). Feel free to use other materials! To get started we include the assembled Ultimaker with the first roll of Filament
  • Theoretical resolution: 0.0125 mm for the X and Y axis, the Z-axis is even more accurate!
  • A user-friendly, low-maintenance material feed mechanism (geared). Allows for mid-build material refills and color changes during prints.
  • The machine is very light-weight and robust, you can take it on a trip, without fear of it breaking. We use only hex nuts for T-slots and offer a very high quality barch wood.
  • Designed for quick assembly and easy maintenance.
  • Holds a reel of plastic for hassle free 3D printing.
  • Integrated electronics, no need to wire many boards together, everything is plugged into just once PCB.
  • The electronics provide the option to add a 5th stepper motor for later upgrades
  • Powered by free (libre) software. Based on Open Source Hardware (CAD files are published here!)

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