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  • Artists: Anthony Coleman
  • Releases: Naked City

Tzadik Records is a record label based in New York City specialising in avant-garde and experimental music. The label was established by the eclectic composer and saxophonist John Zorn in 1995; Zorn is the executive producer of all Tzadik releases. Tzadik is a not-for-profit, cooperative record label. Tzadik has released over 400 albums by a variety of artists with diverse musical backgrounds, including, but not limited to free improvisation, jazz, noise, klezmer, rock and experimental composition. John Zorn who composed the score for the 2006 film The Treatment won a MacArthur Foundation, the "Genius" award for his music in 2006. The album, titled Filmworks XVIII: The Treatment features a full score for film by John Zorn. The album was released on Tzadik Records. Notable in the label's catalogue are releases by Zorn himself and his multifaceted "songbook" group Masada; singer Mike Patton; guitarists Derek Bailey, Otomo Yoshihide, Tim Sparks, Buckethead and Keiji Haino; noise music icon Merzbow; composers Gordon Mumma, Frank Denyer and Teiji Ito; experimental groups Kayo Dot, Time of Orchids and Rashanim, microtonalists Syzygys; drummer Yoshida Tatsuya and his band Ruins; trumpeter

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