Tristan A. Farnon

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About Tristan A. Farnon

Tristan Alexander Farnon is an American webcomic author, creator of Leisure Town, and a member of the web comic Jerkcity. Leisure Town is a comic strip, created by Farnon, which features photographs of bendable toy figures digitally superposed onto separately photographed backgrounds to create each frame. While the "characters" are children's toys, the comics explore mature themes. The strip ran from 1997 to 2003 (although in a reduced format from 2001 to 2003); some limited additional content was published in what appears to have been a one-time event in 2005. The strip is still being published on the Internet, but no new content has been published since 2005. Leisure Town gained some notoriety in 1997 when Farnon scanned Dilbert strips and changed the dialogue to become profane and often racist (the story was that a giraffe became irate in his office job and started creating the strips). Dilbert's lawyers came calling and the characters were replaced with stick figures; Farnon then reverted to the Dilbert versions, until the lawyers called again. The original Dilbert comics were restored a second time when the site was relaunched in March 2005. During this period, however, the

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