Tolgahan Sayışman

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About Tolgahan Sayışman

Tolgahan Sayışman (pronounced [ˈsajɯʃman]; born December 17, 1981) is a Turkish model, television host, and actor. He graduated from Kadıköy İntaş High School and Department of Administration of the Dogus University. He is known for his modeling work as the winner of Manhunt International 2005, held in Busan, South Korea and hosted the Best Model Of the World 2004. As an actor, he has had roles in the TV series Esir Kalpler, Macolar and Dicle. Currently Sayisman is starring in the TV series Elveda Rumeli, one of the most popular TV series in Turkey, which have a lot of prizes like İsmail Dümbüllü en iyi TV dizisi ödülü 2008. Also he starred in the cinema film Aşk Tutulması with Fahriye Evcen. In 2009 he acted in the Turkish film Aşk Geliyorum Demez with Bergüzar Korel. Both were directed by Murat Şeker. He now plays Çınar Ilgaz in the Fox serial Lale Devri. He stands 1.87 m tall. His favorite sport is football and he is a fan of the Turkish football club Fenerbahçe.

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