Those Young Girls

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About Those Young Girls

Those Young Girls is the title of a 1984 pornographic film which featured Traci Lords, Ginger Lynn, Harry Reems and John Holmes. It was written by Ginger Lynn and Ernest Mackintosh and directed by Myles Kidder. The story of Those Young Girls tells of young girl (Lynn) who discovers that her childhood girlfriend (Lords) has become a star in Hollywood. Lynn travels to meet Lords and her boyfriend (Reems), and after a "talent session" with John Holmes, becomes a star herself. Reems seduces Lynn, and the girls argue, ending their friendship. However, the girls find each other again and decide to teach Reems a lesson he'll not forget. Traci Lords was only 16 years old when the film was made, so the film is considered child pornography under United States law. It is legally available in France, Germany and The Netherlands.

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