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About The wrong way with words

You're a funny guy, you talk a lot. Sometimes too much. Nothing is worse than having a girl telling you to shut the fuck up while boning her. It's not that terrible if you say stuff like "baby, damn you're sexy", but when things like "your name is Caroline, right?" That's where it starts to fall apart. Some things are worse, you could share to much information that not even a psychiatrist want's to hear, like "I think my rectum is clear, stick your finger in", or "I'm so glad my chlamydia is gone!" the list goes on and on, I could think of hundreds of creepy/repulsive stuff to say in bed. The worst are as following: "you're so much better at that than my girlfriend", "this confirms my heterosexuality", "oops.. sorry..", "IMMA SMUSH YOUR PUSSY LIKE JACK DEMPSEY ON ADRENALINE AFTER KILLING A HOOKER WITH A RUSTY NAIL!" "you're my first one over 30". "you look like a legal Rebecca Black"

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