The Opening of Misty Beethoven

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About The Opening of Misty Beethoven

The Opening of Misty Beethoven is an American hardcore pornography film released in 1976. Produced with a relatively high budget and filmed on elaborate locations in Paris (France), New York City (U.S.A.), and Rome (Italy), with a musical score, it owes much to its fastidious director Radley Metzger (directing this film as Henry Paris). In a pornographic take-off of Shaw's play Pygmalion, the film is about a sexologist who tries transforming a prostitute into a goddess of passion. While he tries to prepare her to seduce a homosexual artist, it is he for whom she develops feelings. In this film, Henry Higgins (of Pygmalion) is replaced by Dr. Seymour Love, the sexologist, played by Jamie Gillis. Eliza Doolittle (of Pygmalion) becomes Dolores 'Misty' Beethoven, who is played by Constance Money, and Colonel Pickering becomes Geraldine Rich, played by Jacqueline Beudant. During the film, Beethoven achieves 'elevation' better than Love and Rich had hoped but then cuts them off, as in George Bernard Shaw's play. However, this film then follows the common divergence from Shaw's plot when she returns to Love at the end. In a variance of the usual ending, in this version of the story, Misty

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