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About The Kiwi Party

The Kiwi Party was a New Zealand political party formed in 2007. Briefly known as Future New Zealand, it was a breakaway from the United Future New Zealand party and sought to carry on the tradition of Future New Zealand. The party was formed when MP Gordon Copeland left United Future after a dispute over support for the Crimes (Substituted Section 59) Amendment Act 2007. At the 2008 general election, the Kiwi Party was unsuccessful, and was not re-elected to Parliament. It did not contest the 2011 general election under its own banner, but the leaders and other members stood for the Conservative Party. The party advocated more direct democracy through referenda and a return to the "Judeo-Christian ethic in democracy". On February 8 2012, it requested that the New Zealand Electoral Commission cancel its registration, which rendered it wholly subsumed into the Conservative Party. On its website, it announced that after holding a executive committee meeting in December 2011, the party had agreed to be 'wound up' and 'bring its existence to an end.' On 16 May 2007, list MP Gordon Copeland resigned from the United Future party, citing differences with party leader Peter Dunne over the

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