The Cobbler

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About The Cobbler

  • Director: Thomas McCarthy
  • Starring: Adam Sandler
  • US Release Date: N/A

"While McCarthy is likely trying to achieve some kind of magical realist screwball vibe, "The Cobbler" never generates the high-spirited inventiveness or energy to allow audiences to buy into the premise, in order to go along for the ride. While the idea is original, it's also ridiculous, and the story is not close to clever enough to put it into any kind of context that is compelling, interesting or believable. The motivation for Max's leap from tradesman/proprietor to socio-economic vigilante is poorly motivated, other than now obtaining a vague sense of purpose in his life. But it's the film's final ten minutes that push "The Cobbler" into something transcendently, almost spectacularly bad. A couple of plot twists and reveals try desperately to turn this fairy tale into something akin to legend, with enough transmitted that a door is actually left open for further sequels. Yes, "The Cobbler" becomes a sort of indie movie fantasy origin story. Seriously. It's a card played that nothing in the rest of the movie even suggests, and is so utterly misguided it's nearly jaw-droppingly remarkable. (Well, your jaw will drop at the miscalculation regardless)." - Kevin Jagernauth

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