Teri Diver

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About Teri Diver

Teri Diver (September 6, 1971 – January 2, 2001) was an American pornstar and director. She died of an accidental drug overdose. Diver starred in over 200 movies in the 1990s. Diver became an 'emancipated youth' at the age of 13. She graduated from high school ahead of her class and entered college at a young age. There, she stated that she majored in "behavior modification." After turning 18, Diver paid her way through school by stripping on the side. Diver worked as a school teacher, and supplemented this income by holding down a part-time job at weight-loss clinic Nutri-System. Eventually Diver moved to California, where she faced a variety of financial problems. Director Henri Pachard convinced Diver to try her hand at porn. Diver soon moved into directing and producing, with the help of AVN publisher Paul Fishbein. She eventually directed forty features. Diver was a migraine headache sufferer for years, which led to her death on January 2, 2001. She apparently took an overdose of her migraine medication, which caused her to go into cardiac arrest.

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