Teanna Kai

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About Teanna Kai

Teanna Kai (born March 25, 1978) is the professional name of an Asian American pornographic actress and adult model. Kai has given conflicting stories in public interviews. She sometimes claims she is half-Hawaiian and half-Filipina and was born in Manila, saying she came to America in 1994 and settled in Stockton, California. She has also claimed she is Vietnamese and was born in Vietnam, escaping with her parents to Singapore as a child. Her family then allegedly settled in Minnesota, later moving to California. Kai says she grew up in a large family with parents who were "really strict". Nevertheless, she was a cheerleader in high school. Teanna Kai was the Pet of the Month for Penthouse Magazine for October 2001. Her first scenes in the pornographic films were with Ed Powers and Don Fernando; however, she claims that she felt pressured into performing with them and only wanted to perform girl/girl scenes. She did several boy/girl photo shoots under the name "Kayla" that appeared in Foxes adult magazine. Kai claims she was trying to keep her porn career low-key to keep her parents from finding out. She has described herself as heterosexual.

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