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About Stealth

  • Manufacturer: Intamin AG
  • Ride Type: Roller coaster
  • Park: Thorpe Park

Stealth is a steel roller coaster built by Intamin of Switzerland. The coaster is located in the Amity Cove area of Thorpe Park in Surrey, England, UK and opened in 2006. The ride reaches a maximum height of 62.5 m (205 ft). When the ride opened in 2006 it previously accelerated from 0-80 mph in 2.3 seconds, but in 2007 the ride's acceleration was upgraded and became capable of accelerating to 80 mph in 1.9 seconds. For the start of the 2010 season, the trains were upgraded and stripped of weight to enable it to accelerate from 0-80 mph in 1.8 seconds. It is the fastest accelerating and also the tallest launch coaster in the UK. At the base of the top hat on each side, G-forces of up to 4.7G are produced. The coaster is thought to have cost £12 million to manufacture and construct. Stealth's restraint system consists of a thick, rigid lap bar and two thin, flexible over-the-shoulder restraints. Because the over-the-shoulder portions of the restraint are not rigid, the hand grips are mounted to the lap bar. These restraints use a locking system (rather than a ratchet) which allows them to be pulled down to any position; when locked, they can move down to any position but not up. In

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