SNCF Class BB 36000

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About SNCF Class BB 36000

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  • Built by: Alstom

The SNCF Class BB 36000 locomotives (named Astride) are a class of triple voltage 4 axle Bo'Bo' electric locomotives built by GEC-Alsthom (later Alsthom) between 1996 and 2001 for SNCF. Sixty units were built, with thirty units later converted to subclasses 36200, and 36300 - locomotives with additional safety equipment for cross border trains between France and Italy. As of 2012 there are 30 units of the original 36000 class and 30 units of the 363000 subtype. Locomotives operating from Italy have been given the Italian designation E436. The subgroup 36001-36030 mostly operate on French-Belgian freight corridors. The first 30 locomotives of Class BB 36000 were built as a result of a modification of an order for 264 of the dual voltage SNCF Class BB 26000 (Sybic); instead only 234 Sybics were built, the last 30 of the order were instead built as a triple voltage design capable of also operating on 3 kV DC with a different electric motor type (AC induction) and newer power semiconductor device technology (GTO type); the multi-voltage specifications came from an expectation of increase cross border traffic, as encouraged by the European Unions specification of "freight corridors".

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