SNCF Class BB 27300

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About SNCF Class BB 27300

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  • Built by: Alstom

The SNCF Class BB 27300 are a series of 67 electric locomotives, built as part of the "Prima" range by Alstom. Painted in the blue and white livery of Transilien, the brand name for the SNCF network around Paris, these locomotives are the passenger equivalent of the freight-only Class BB 27000 and are equipped for push-pull operation on suburban passenger services in the Île-de-France region around Paris, working with refurbished VB2N double-deck carriages. The first batch of 60 locomotives was ordered in 2004, and following testing of the first two units in 2005, delivered progressively into 2008. Follow-up orders for five and two locomotives respectively were placed. The locomotives are numbered in series from 27301-27367, although the number carried on the locomotive is prefixed with the number 8, to denote the unit as belonging to the Île-de-France division of SNCF. The first locomotives entered service in 2006 on suburban trains from Paris-Montparnasse. Current deployment sees a total of 23 locomotives operating services from Paris-Montparnasse on trains to Dreux, Mantes-la-Jolie and Rambouillet. At Montparnasse they have displaced older BB 8500 and BB 25500 locomotives. A

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