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About SMW

  • Release Date: 2005-06-16
  • Release of: SMW
  • Track list: Bowser Medley

SMW, also known as XOC Plays SMW, is a cover album comprising 21 arrangements of music from the Super Nintendo game Super Mario World composed by Koji Kondo. It features an extensive and eclectic set of instrumentation according to the liner notes: drum set, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass, upright bass, cuatro, banjo, melodica, accordion, Groovebox, PSS-270 keyboard, coconut thumb piano, shakers, tambourines, triangle, maraca, casaba, slide whistle, turkey locator, bike horn, cowbells, ribbon crasher, woodblock, tacklebox, antique pickaxe, xylophone, school bell, Canon Powershot, refrigerator door, ceramic toilet mug, asscheeks, vocals. The album was spotlighted in mid-2005 by UK-based video game magazine, Edge. Its cover is inspired by the official logo of the popular German automaker BMW.

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