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The Saxon Class V K were German, eight-coupled, narrow gauge steam locomotives operated by the Royal Saxon State Railways which had been primarily intended for the Müglitztalbahn. In 1925 the Deutsche Reichsbahn incorporated arranged these locomotives as DRG Class 99.61. For the hilly line of the Müglitztalbahn from Mügeln to Geising-Altenberg the Sächsische Maschinenfabrik in Chemnitz developed an eight-coupled locomotive which, it was envisaged, would handle this route better that the hitherto deployed Saxon Classes I K and IV K. In 1901 and from 1905 to 1907 a total of nine locomotives were placed in service. Those built in 1905 had a slightly larger driver's cab. Whilst the new type of drive using Klien-Lindner axles allowed the eight-coupled engines to negotiate tight curves, in the end the new Class V K proved just as complicated and maintenance-intensive as the tried and tested IV K. For that reason no more were procured, despite their better starting characteristics. All nine engines, numbered 201 to 209 were taken over in 1920 by the Deutsche Reichsbahn and in 1925 were renumbered to 99 611 to 99 619. Betwee 1934 and 1942 the locomotives were all retired. It is possible

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