Sandy Valley Local School District

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Sandy Valley Local Schools is a school district located in Stark County, Ohio, United States, despite that the schools are in Tuscarawas County.There are three schools, Sandy Valley Elementary, Sandy Valley Middle School and Sandy Valley High School. (SV is considered a Stark County district because the majority of area in the district falls within Stark County. The district also extends into Tuscarawas County (where the campus is located) and Carroll County) The schools had been made up of East Sparta Elementary, Magnolia Elementary, Waynesburg Elementary, and the Sandy Valley High/Jr. High school. Magnolia housed grade Kindergarten-2nd, Waynesburg held grades 3 and 4. And lastly East Sparta held grades 5-6. The Jr.High/High school held grades 7-12.In 2008 the NEW Elementary was finished right off of route 183.They held a dedication in August and that same year grades Kindergarten-5 moved into the new school. While 6-12 grades stayed in the Old High school/Jr.High until January 20, 2009 when they had a ceremonial walk in 20 degree weather over to the new school—It was only about a parking lot distance away, a small one at that.-- Sandy Valley is home to the CARDINALS and their

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