Rock Hill Local School District

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The Rock Hill Local School District is a local school district in Ohio. The central location for its offices and school campuses is just outside of Ironton, Ohio. It currently operates four schools; the Rock Hill Child Development Center (Pre-K), the Rock Hill Elementary School (K-5), the Rock Hill Middle School (6-8), and the Rock Hill Senior High School (9-12). The district is one of the largest (by geographical square milage) in the state, and it serves several communities including portions of the townships of Aid, Decatur, Elizabeth, Hamilton, Lawrence, Perry, Symmes, Washington and Upper, along with the village of Hanging Rock and the unincorporated communities of Kitts Hill and Pedro as well as certain areas of the city of Ironton. The district also accepts open enrollment students from adjacent school districts. It is the largest (by population) school district in Lawrence County, Ohio, with 1,845,followed closely by the South Point Local School District in South Point, Ohio with 1,824 students based on their average daily membership. The district is currently rated as "No Improvement Needed" on the Ohio Department of Education State Report Card. As of 2008, the enrollment,

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