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Richard Allan "Rick" Salomon (born January 24, 1968) is a film producer, celebutante, and online gambling website owner known for his relationships with various female celebrities, including E.G. Daily, Shannen Doherty, Paris Hilton, and Pamela Anderson. Salomon was born in Neptune, New Jersey, the son of a former executive vice president at Warner Bros., Robert Jess Salomon. He grew up in Wayside, New Jersey. He owned an online gambling site. Salomon is known as a big home game player in the Los Angeles area, frequently participating in celebrity or small private games. Salomon appeared on season two of PokerStars Big Game during week two. In 2003, a sex tape featuring Salomon and then-girlfriend Paris Hilton was leaked onto the Internet. Shortly after the tape leaked, Salomon filed a lawsuit against the company distributing the tape and the Hilton family, whom he accused of tarnishing his reputation by suggesting that he had exploited Hilton. Salomon further claimed in his $10 million suit that representatives of the Hiltons tried to discourage media outlets from playing excerpts of the tape by saying that Hilton was underage when the tape was made (which would have made showing

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