Rhaetian Railway Ge 4/4 II

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The Rhaetian Railway Ge 4/4  is a class of metre gauge Bo-Bo electric locomotives operated by the Rhaetian Railway (RhB), which is the main railway network in the Canton of Graubünden, Switzerland. The class is so named because it was the second class of locomotives of the Swiss locomotive and railcar classification type Ge 4/4 to be acquired by the Rhaetian Railway. According to that classification system, Ge 4/4 denotes a narrow gauge electric adhesion locomotive with a total of four axles, all of which are drive axles. The 23 Ge 4/4  locomotives, numbered 611 to 633, were placed in service in 1973 (first series) and 1984 (second series). The last example of the second series, named Zuoz and numbered 633, was completed only in 1985. The Ge 4/4  replaced the Ge 6/6  (Crocodile), which was becoming less and less reliable. Ever since its delivery, the Ge 4/4  class has been in service on the whole of the core network of the Rhaetian Railway, at the head of both passenger trains and freight trains. Since 1997, the class has also served on the Arosa Line following its conversion to 11 kV 16 ⁄3 Hz AC. The Ge 4/4 s can work double headed in multiple-unit train control operation. In

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