Rhaetian Railway Ge 4/4 I

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The Rhaetian Railway Ge 4/4  is a class of metre gauge Bo-Bo electric locomotives operated by the Rhaetian Railway (RhB), which is the main railway network in the Canton of Graubünden, Switzerland. The class is so named because it was the first class of locomotives of the Swiss locomotive and railcar classification type Ge 4/4 to be acquired by the Rhaetian Railway. According to that type designation, Ge 4/4 denotes a narrow gauge electric adhesion locomotive with a total of four axles, all of which are drive axles. The 10 machines in the Ge 4/4  class were also the first RhB electric locomotives without rod drive. In 1944, the Rhaetian Railway ordered four Ge 4/4  class locomotives from the Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works (SLM). The first of these machines was commissioned in July 1947. In service primarily in the haulage of fast trains, they proved themselves so well that in 1953 the Rhaetian Railway ordered six further examples. The later entry into service of the Ge 6/6  and the Ge 4/4  class locomotives led to the cascading of the Ge 4/4  class into lesser responsibilities. Between 1986 and 1991, the Ge 4/4  class was completely modernised. For example, the old cab fronts

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