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Renée Dwyer is a fictional character from Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series.

Renée Dwyer married Charlie Swan right after high school, but left with their baby, Bella, and divorced him soon after. Renée is an eccentric, silly person who will brave new things (like skydiving) and come to her senses later. Bella always felt that she was the mother of their relationship, having to guide Renée away from doing ridiculous things, and Renée thought of Bella as her middle-aged child. After Renée remarries a much younger baseball player, Phil Dwyer, Bella unselfishly sends herself to live with her dad in Forks so that Renée and Phil can travel together. Edward describes Renée's mind as being insightful and almost childlike. In Breaking Dawn, Bella is scared to tell her mother about her engagement to Edward, but Renée believes Bella to be more mature than other teenagers her age and gives them her blessing. Bella says she and her mother look alike, but that Renée has shorter hair and laugh lines. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona, in Twilight, and in Jacksonville, Florida, throughout the rest of the series. Bella says in Twilight that her mother is her best friend. After Bella becomes a vampire she doesn't contact her mother, knowing Renée couldn't handle her change like Charlie could.
Renée is portrayed by Sarah Clarke in the Twilight film.

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