Reincarnation - Futurama

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Season 6, Episode 26. The Episode is in 3 Different Versions. The First One, which is shown in 1930's-Like Cartoon, has Fry Planning to use The Professor's Doomsday Clock to Blow the Dimondium (A Diamond-Like Material) Comet off the Sky and Onto Leela's Hand, so It can Become a Beautiful Ring for Her. The Next Version is in 8-Bit-Like Video Game, Where The Professor shows The Crew his Newest Microscope, Which has Infinite Magnification. He uses it to find All the Secrets of The Universe, which Puts him into a Deep Depression, Since he is now Out of a Job. In the Final Version, Which is shown in Anime, has The Planet Express Crew Doing Everything they can to Save The Earth from Invading Dancing Aliens.

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