Rebecca Lord

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About Rebecca Lord

Rebecca Lord (born February 16, 1973) is the stage name of a French pornographic actress who has been active since 1993. After moving to the U.S., she achieved popularity in the porn industry there. Originally from Paris, France, Lord attended parochial school while growing up, an experience she says led her to become a resolute atheist. As a young adult, she was a make-up artist, until 1993, when she answered a newspaper ad seeking a model for a pornographic movie directed by Patrice Cabanel. In her earliest movies, she appeared under the names "Rebecca Carre" and "Rebecca Bruns". In 1994, French director David Caroll gave her the stage name "Rebecca Lords" as a reference to Traci Lords. While listing her name in the credits, however, he mistakenly omitted the "S", and her name became "Rebecca Lord", which she has used ever since. In 1994, she was discovered by Swedish porn director Nic Cramer and appeared in two of his videos, Euro-max 2 and Euro-max 3. This introduced her to the American porn industry. She soon left France for Los Angeles and quickly established herself in the porn industry there. She has since appeared in over 200 porn movies (as of 2007). Lord has directed and

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